In this opportunity I want to share a pleasant experience that I have had with the world of cryptocurrencies, currently I am entering this much so that even my experience is short but I have been studying a lot.

Surfing the internet one night while finding out information about this wonderful world that has enveloped me, I got a very simple page, and when I say simple, I mean all the senses.

I have managed to register in a two by three, it has step by step everything you need to know, the page is Damecoins, here I leave the link for those interested in reviewing but it is so simple that even the name is easy to remember;, it is very intuitive. The same I will leave some captures with the steps although as I comment it is something very simple.

They even have a huge number of languages, which surprised me because generally the pages or you get them in English and Spanish, perhaps in a few other languages ​​but not as many as this page, this is something that gives me great peace of mind because it indicates This page is followed in many parts of the world, it is very simple, you just select the language of your interest and as a magical and immediate way it is translated into all languages ​​and they all work. And look, I’ve tried them all.

Well, when I registered I wanted to do the test and I decided to buy 2 BTC to start my experience, it was easier than you can imagine. They can give you the most basic data, such as name and surname, mail, country and a password. Then you just give it to register and that’s it, you can start using your account as if you had years in it, how easy and fast it is for you.

Even so they also have a 24h chart,

I was even able to use a virtual card that I wanted to “cash out”. Then, after a month in which the Bitcoin rose in price a lot, he was able to sell them on the same Damecoins instantly for USD and withdrew them to his bank account, the money took 3 days to reach my bank account.

A very trained staff guided me and clarified all these doubts through chat, which by the way treat you very kindly. Fixed withdrawal fees are minimal (5-10 USD for each withdrawal) regardless of the country of the bank you want to withdraw to, the Damecoins agent told me, even so I have verified it.

They have a wide variety of currencies and all of them can be bought and sold very easily, all managed from this page.


As you will see it has a range of possibilities both in coins to buy and coins to pay, this is extraordinary. It makes you feel like an expert and professional with years in the market, the experience is very gratifying.

They provide a lot of security when buying, they comply with the smallest security parameters, apart from having someone who attends you through a chat, it generates greater confidence since you immediately detect that it is not a robot due to the type of questions that can answer you and in the way that it responds.

I can attest to that I have been very happy with this page, the expert that has made me feel in this world that it is very extensive and has a large percentage of complexity but I have felt like a professional, I have won and I have felt that my investment has been a complete success.

Here I leave you a picture of the characteristics of the page, this will help you understand it a little better and so you may decide to undertake this wonderful experience that I wanted to share with the world today, especially since humility is the key to success, I hope I can contribute a bit.

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